Janvier 2017

This topic is to thank all newly registered users.

I hope you'll appreciate trading Pokémon cards on Pokéchange !

Do not hesitate to send me your comments and suggestions.

Thanks and have fun !
Janvier 2017

I think we are going to have a lot of fun! :D :D :D
Janvier 2017
Nice work Gael!
It's a shame we don't have that nice Pichu banner on the french side :D
Janvier 2017
Janvier 2017

I don't know if it's work as intended, but our supplies don't feed the ''Last supplies'' field in the English page if we update it from the french one and we don't appear in ''Recently active''.

If i take my situation I have card for trade in both language.
Janvier 2017
Hello Rociel,

I will soon deploy an update that will enable you to trade your cards within both the English and the French community. Currently, your shop can only be displayed in one community (it can be changed by updating : My Dashboard -> My Settings - > 'language' option)

Janvier 2017
Super. You did a very good job here. Thanks for this platform.
Janvier 2017

Where is the Pichu banner?

I can't see it!
Janvier 2017
I took it off :o)
Janvier 2017
Aw :/ This site suddenly lost all of its interest ;)

More seriously, our dashboard doesn't show up when we go to the Data Policy page.
Janvier 2017
Thanks, a correction has been applied +++
Février 2017
About the Pichu banner : that's mean!