Terms of use

Pokéchange's terms of use.
By using Pokéchange, you accept the following terms of use.
The CC BY 3.0 license is applied to the images you upload on Pokéchange (cf. Data Policy).
The shipping rules are the following :

Shipment tracking is mandatory, you must provide the tracking number to your correspondent.
Transactions : The lowest rated user must fulfill his part of the deal first, when user reviews are under 50.
Products must be fully compliant to what has been agreed on by both parties.
A litigation occurs if you do not receive a product or payment, despite having done your part of the transaction.
Before reporting a litigation, it is necessary for you to contact your correspondent in order to find a solution.

If no solution is found :
The administrator will attempt to resolve the litigation by contacting your correspondent.

In the case the litigation is not resolved :
The concerned account is subject to suspension.
You may be invited by the administrator to file a police complaint against concerned the user.
Pokéchange does not provide any garranties :
Pokéchange and its owner disclaim any responsibility in the event of a litigation or dispute.
You accept all the risks that are associated with the completion of a transaction.
A payment intermediary is highly recommended when accomplishing a purchase or sale.
Submit a report
A particular importance is given to reports.
To submit a report, please use the forum sections provided for this purpose :

The purchase, sale and exchange of counterfeit products is prohibited :

The proposal of counterfeit products should be reported.
The concerned users expose themselves to account suspension.
Account suspension
An account may be suspended without notice in the following situations (not exhaustive) :

One or more unresolved litigations.
Inappropriated contents or behaviors.
Abusive use of the messaging system (spam).

In case of account suspension, the account's associated email address will be made available to his correspondents.
The users previously communicating with a suspended user can thus reach him by email.