Conditions d’utilisation

Les conditions d’utilisation de Pokéchange.

Service Access
To fully benefit from the functionalities offered by Pokéchange, it is necessary to create an account. This process involves providing valid and up-to-date data, in accordance with our privacy policy. Creating a Pokéchange account allows access to messaging, the management of an online inventory, and the use of advanced features for recurring users.

Each user commits to maintaining the confidentiality of their account identifiers and is responsible for all activity under their account. In case of suspicion of compromise or unauthorized use of your account, it is imperative to inform us immediately.

Access and use of the Pokéchange services imply acceptance of these terms of use and our privacy policy. We reserve the right to refuse access to the services to any user who does not respect these conditions.

Economic model
Pokéchange, like many online services, involves operational costs for its maintenance and development. These costs can include web hosting, maintenance, development of new features, customer support, and more. To cover these expenses, Pokéchange cannot offer all its resources and features for free.

When you use Pokéchange for free, you benefit from a certain number of interactions or limited features. This allows new users to discover the service without initial commitment. However, to access a complete and unlimited experience, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid offer.

This approach allows Pokéchange to generate the necessary revenues to cover its operational costs and invest in the continuous improvement of the service.By subscribing to Pokéchange MAX, users directly contribute to the viability and evolution of the platform, while benefiting from additional advantages and features that are not available in the free version.

Free Version
Pokéchange offers new users a free version with no time limit to explore and evaluate our services. Each user is eligible for only one free account. Here are the included features:

1000 offers in store.
3000 requests in store.
6000 cards in collection.
Access to comparators if fewer than 151 cards in store.
Sending and receiving proposals up to 151 Pokétraders.

Please note that the free version is subject to changes and may be subject to new restrictions over time. Exceeding the limits with a free account or creating multiple accounts to bypass these restrictions is against our terms of use and may result in corrective measures, such as resetting stores and collections, or suspending the account.

For users who exceed these limits, we offer Pokéchange MAX. Furthermore, if the number of proposals sent and received reaches 151 Pokéchangers, it is necessary to subscribe to Pokéchange MAX to maintain the use of the service. Otherwise, the store and collection of the concerned user will be reset. This measure allows to free up a portion of the resources required and used by the activity of the concerned user.

Pokéchange Subscription
Users have the option to subscribe to Pokéchange MAX, our premium subscription plan. Pokéchange MAX offers unlimited access to all the functionalities of our service, without usage restrictions. The subscription to Pokéchange MAX is offered at an annual rate of 48 euros.

The free version aims to provide an overview of Pokéchange's features and benefits, while Pokéchange MAX allows you to fully enjoy all the services offered, without any usage restrictions.

This approach allows Pokéchange to generate the necessary revenues to cover its operational costs and invest in the continuous improvement of the service. By subscribing to Pokéchange MAX, users directly contribute to the viability and evolution of the platform, while benefiting from additional advantages and features that are not available in the free version.

The CC BY-SA 3.0 license applies to the images you upload to Pokéchange, in accordance with our privacy policy.
The mailing rules are as follows:

Tracking is mandatory, the tracking number must be transmitted to your correspondent.
The less well-rated user must send first if one of the member's number of reviews is less than 50.
Products must be fully compliant with what was agreed upon.
A dispute occurs if you do not receive a product or payment, despite having fulfilled your part of the transaction.
Before issuing a report, you need to contact your correspondent to find a solution.

If no solution is found:

The administrator will attempt to resolve the dispute by communicating with your correspondent.

In case of unresolved dispute:

The concerned user faces account suspension.
You may be invited by the administrator to file a complaint against the concerned user.
Pokéchange offers no guarantee:

Pokéchange and its owner decline all responsibility in case of dispute or conflict.
You assume all risks associated with conducting a transaction.
The use of a payment intermediary is strongly advised during a purchase or sale.
Issuing a Report
Special importance is given to reports.
To issue a report, please use the specific sections of the forum intended for this purpose:

The purchase, sale, and exchange of counterfeit products are prohibited:

Proposals of counterfeits must be reported.
The concerned users face account suspension.
Account Suspension
An account can be suspended without notice in the following situations (non-exhaustive list):

One or more unresolved disputes.
Inappropriate content or behavior.
Abusive use of messaging (spam).

In the event of an account suspension, the email address associated with it is made available to its correspondents:

When an account is suspended, its email address is displayed within its business proposals.
Users previously in communication with a suspended user can thus contact them by email.
Service Availability
By accessing and using the services of Pokéchange, you acknowledge and accept that service availability may be interrupted or temporarily affected for reasons such as necessary maintenance, updates, or unforeseen circumstances, including computer breakdowns or force majeure events (such as natural disasters, strikes, terrorist acts, etc.).

Although Pokéchange commits to providing a continuous and secure service, we cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability and shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from a service interruption, whatever the cause.

Users agree not to hold Pokéchange responsible for any loss of data, reputation, or any financial harm resulting from the interruption of service. We advise users to take necessary measures to safeguard their important data.

Modification of the Terms of Use
Pokéchange reserves the right to make changes to the terms of use at its sole discretion, at any time, and without prior notice.

We strongly encourage users to regularly review the terms of use to stay informed of updates. The continued use of the Pokéchange services following the announcement of changes to the terms will be considered as the user's tacit acceptance of the new conditions.