June 2019

so I am new to online trading and I had my first trade somewhat successful, I say somewhat as the trader didn't send all the cards, I had notified the trader that he forgot the card and so I offer him a new trade so ha can include the missing card, and well he kept having issues with me and said that my trade was not fair when I sent him links to the prices of the cards of what I am offering and what he was offering. in the end he sent me this message
"So your Ash-Greninja EX, Tyrantrum EX, Metang, and Dome Fossil Kabuto.","For my Ampharos EX, Excadrill, Virizion, Meloetta EX, and Magnezone EX.","I feel like this trade is unfair, 3 EX's and to Holo rares for 2 EX's and a 2 normal cards.","Actually, all I really have to give you is the Virizion so either you give me Metang and the Fossil card or we're gonna havemore trouble with this then it needs to be."

i feel like he is threatening me, so that i give him my 2 cards for the card he was supposed to ship to me but didn't, i hope u can see what i mean. he is a "trusted user" with 11 reviews but this is just to far.

Proposal : https://en.pokechange.net/dashboard/messaging/proposal:151881

June 2019



I have contacted your correspondent.


I will soon update you about the current situation.


I am sorry for the inconvenience.



June 2019

June 13 2019 - Update :


- Card sent, waiting for delivery.

June 2019

June 25 2019 - Update :


Card received, the back of the card definitely is not in good condition :
- Please leave a negative review to your correspondent, I'll ensure that you won't receive any counter (negative) notation from his part.
- This way other users will be warned/informed about this incident.


Since you have received the card, this litigation is now closed :
- I will consider suspending his account if such a situation (wrong card condition) repeats itself.
- I invite you to ask pictures of the cards you want to receive in the future, we are never too careful.

September 2020

Account suspended after multiple litigations.


Sharing user information :


Colin Smith
90800 wilshire ln
Coos bay
OR 97420

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