August 2020

Hi I am collecting with my boy we have thouands to trade but would prefer to do it within the UK if anyone has a deent collection of doubles and might be able to help and needs cards themselves. We are mainly on XY SM and some BW, DP Promos. All base is complete and doubles are gone now.

August 2020

Hi, I am not in the UK.  But welcome to pokechange :) 👍

August 2020

Hi thanks. 


Does anyone know the best way to sell a collection but without breaking it down? Most liekly needs a dealer I would think or a collector with deeper pockets as it is a fair collectio.







Wizard Promo

Ancient Origins

Steam Siege


Crimson Invasion


Sun and Moon

Detective Pikachu


Part Complete but most sets at 95%+ complete

Guardians rising

Burning shadows

Ultra Prism

Lost Thunder

Plasma Storm

Legendary Treasures

Radiant Collection

BW Promos

XY Promos

SM Promos


Furious Fists

Kalos Starter Set

Various Trainer Sets

Roaring Skies


Fates Collide



Plus I probably have another good few thousand cards including rares from various sets such as part compete Hidden Fates Only missing bulk of SV cards, Cosmic Eclipse, Unified Minds, Unbroken Bonds, Team Up, Shining Legends, Black and White. That isnt it but probably gets my point across about the scale of what I might look to move on.


Any advice welcome



November 2020

thats an incredible collection


ebay is probably best I would list them as separate sets individually. Or you can find individual buyers, a lot of serious collectors have their own website, for example, he is also on youtube and actively looks for sets to buy.


hope this helps

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