September 2020

Hello everyone. I'm brand new to the site, and was wondering where I can submit suggestions to make the site a little better? Thanks!

September 2020



Feel free to submit your suggestions here +++



September 2020

I really like this website and I am really glad I stumbled upon it.


One thing that drives me crazy is when you click on the settings tab. The first section is My information which has my email, password, language, and currency. My ipad instinctively wants to auto fill in the password which gives me a prompt that takes up the bottom third of my screen. I have to then click the keyboard icon, followed by the keyboard down icon to reveal the my page section. It would be cool if the my information section was a subsection in settings. As that is something that will probably rarely change. I have changed my presentation section several times, and I imagine I will tweak it as new sets/generations come out.


*I primarily access this website through my ipad which is why I am experienceing the following issue.



September 2020

Also, there are a lot of places where the words aren't in english. Should we report those?


it's easy enough to figure out, but its not as clean.

September 2020

Also, for the mail if there could be a selection box, and trash icon. It took me a while to figure out how to delete a message the way it currently is.


I apologize if I sound like some crazy random person. I really like what has been done here and only want to share the things that I have personally noticed. 



September 2020



Here are some of my suggetions:


1. When we're on someone's page looking at our matches using the Comparator, there needs to be a way to determine what cards we have already proposed in a trade with other users. That way we dont accidentally offer a card that is already pending with another user. Maybe you can gray out any cards that we already offered to someone else, but still give us the ability to select it just in case. Well what if we have say 5 of the same cards? Say 3 are in Good condition and 2 are in Very Good condition. Well, if we already offered one that was in Very Good condition, then one of the Very Good condition ones is grayed out, but the other one plus the other 3 Good conditions aren't. This would make a HUGE different in looking for trades and allow us to propose a ton more a lot quicker.


2. Under Messages, I would love to have a Pending Proposals tab. This tab would only have proposals that you're still going back and forth on. This tab could actually replace the need for an Inbox tab. You have a Sent Proposals tab which is good, but it also includes ones that have been Refused. Sometimes I just want to be able to see trades that are currently active. So I would have it like this in this order: Pending (or Active), Accepted, Sent, Cancelled, Trash.


3. When using the Comparator under the Filter option, is there any way to add the option under Users' Characteristics to select a minimum amount of cards they're looking for that I have? Because right now, we could look under Offers and find users that have the cards we're looking for, but we probably don't have a single card they're looking for. So maybe under Users' Characteristics, there could be a Requests field. Then add the option to input the minimum amount of cards the user is looking for that we have. This would make our search for a trade a little less tedious.


Let me know what you think. Thanks! 

September 2020




My ipad instinctively wants to auto fill in the password which gives me a prompt that takes up the bottom third of my screen. I


I have just applied a quick hack to solve this issue, but I'm unfortunately unable to test it as I do not have an iPad/Safari



Here are some of my suggetions


Thanks you for these suggestions, I'll see what I can do over time.


Best regards,

October 2020


I'm not sure if the change should have taken effect yet, but it still pops up. Let me know if I can help you in anyway. I can send you screenshots if that helps. 🙌🏽 Thank you!

October 2020



I'm sorry the update did not fix this issue.

Unfortunately, I have no way of testing futher corrections as I'm unable to test the website on ipad/safari.

March 2021

Necroing this thread.  I figured I'd just dump my suggestions here instead of making a brand new thread for it.


Here's some thing that I feel can be improved a bit:


-Changing the way you add multiple of the same cards.  I have a lot of dupes, and I found it a tad odd that instead of just having a "quantity" value I could change I had to click the plus button over and over until I had the right amount of cards.  Seems less intuitive than the other way imo (of course, the way it currently works is good for if you have dupes but with differing qualities, so maybe implement them both?


-It would be nice to make a range of card conditions for your requests.  There are many cards where it would be fine to get a mint, near mint, or very good grade card for me, but in order to do that in my requests I would have to manually duplicate each card in my requests to reflect the want for a range of card conditions.  I currently have 71 cards in my requests, so that means I'd have to manually add 142 cards to my requests just to highlight the range of cards, which would take forever.  A simple solution would just be to have another quality drop down next to the other one so that you can say I'd like this card with a quality from "this" to "this"


-I know you can download a spreadsheet of all your requests, offers, etc, but I have yet to find a way to do the reverse: upload a .csv and have it auto repalce or add to your requests/offers/etc.  I feel like this would be a nice idea for people to be able to make use of, and you can already download, so clearly there's already code in the server to form the cad list into a .csv, so I don't think it would be too hard to implement.


-Lastly, it would be handy to auto flag cards as reseved when you accept or make a proposal, so that way you dont accidentally make trades with the same card multiple times.  Not too big of a deal, but it would be nice to have


Other than that, this website is really great, and I've yet to find a replacement that works as well as this one does (the only other place I was able to find was the r/pkmntcgtrades subreddit, which to me is a very bad way to accomplish something like this.

May 2021

A couple of suggestions

1. Add options to "Version" rather than making all new lists for alternate versions of cards

+ Alternate Holo

+ Alternate Non-Holo

+ Alternate Reverse

+ Error / Misprint


2. Add the abilty to leave a comment next to each card



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