January 2021

Hi Pokechange,


I am quite not keen on new card conditions - their explanation & image provided as sample. I think Mint condition card clearly is stated as PSA 10 gem mint - with no imperfections whatso ever. I think old card grading should be brought back - maybe could include near mint. Here is what i think...


This was meant to be trading and fun expierance helping each other to complete sets  , many people is here to help their kids with sets and do it as joint hobby (like myself)and i feel this is becoming to some sort of PSA grading system, as to what cards should look like and they are not that far off from each other ( very good card looks very similar to fair - and very good and fair is huge difference like black and white). Obviously we all want nearer mint cards - but majority people dont protect their cards with sleeves, and not everyone even protects reverses or gx's v's etc, so we cannot expect them to be mint. In my opinion Mint card is card that have been sleeved after opening boosters - what protects card from getting scratched, near mint could be cards that are stored well to avoid damage. 


Mint - i find it impossible to have pulls with all such perfect cards, i have plenty Vs gx's reverses non holos in my collection and spares which have whitenin along the edge vertically or horizontaly, some cards already in booster have cards with corner minimal whitening, or rought bumpy edge, out of center - you name it all - from bad factory cut, print or misprint - should i call my cards fair condition when they have no other faults like scratches or actual whitening from wear) - good if 1 in 15 cards i have had absolute perfect pull. again this is not PSA grading it was meant to be fun, mint - fresh pull and protected


near mint to good condition - in images dont see much of difference in whitening - also in good condition description i do not think good card contains creases and stains, maybe litle dent  - in my eyes its average, any creases and and rips should be bad conditition


overall i think its over the top OCD description and bar is set too hight, all my 'mint' cards should be listed as poor or fair really (even thou i sleeve every card i pull immediatley) and i do not think its fair. this strict conditions actually with descriptions and images might cause legislations disputes or bad reviews. i think any person should be able to understand what is mint, very good or bad card overall.  i have 7000 requests - all request conditions has jumped with this switch and i have given up fixing them.. but also listing cards - i have 5000-6000 cards in duplicates of which around 3000 is in my opinion mint but after Tensions description they would be Fair condition. to check every card to such perfection, just kind of puts me off trading, feeling misrable whether you gonna hit the trade on the nail or someone will be really unhappy... and if i list all my cards fair and poor - i will have 0 trades. as most people looking for very good to mint.



All in i think card conditions was perfect the way they were, and this rating just makes me very uncomfortabble to trade with new people (ok with those who you traded with several times, both sides know what to expect).


kind regards





January 2021



Mint condition card clearly is stated as PSA 10 gem mint - with no imperfections whatso ever.


Indeed, most cards cannot be considered as Mint - This is a new (rare) state that was added. 



all my 'mint' cards should be listed as poor or fair really


In order to help understand this interpretation :

Please upload the image of one your cards you consider as Mint to https://pasteboard.co/ and share your image link.


Best regards,


January 2021

but you had mint card before, thou. so my fresh mint card pulled from booster straight into sleeve - can be classified as poor, thats what i meant, because so many cards in boosters is such bad quality for bad cuts, so brand new booster could count as good or bad or poor depending whats inside it. i think those who expect psa 10 - are in wrong place. unless pokechange is kind of moving over to this perfection, what cards should be. as i say i have have bought cards that people stated very good to near mint, arriving covered in food leftover badly damaged and filthy. think on trading places like this, should meet half way. PSA graded cards really is to later sell for huge money.


i just think many people would be left out from trading who are here for fun, some people might have only second hand bulks buys listed.i think description of state of card - image is so much more to perfection and doesnt really show that much difference between near mint to good card. i guess am about to quit  and just stick to buying selling, as dont wanna get into disagreements about this. i do think new booster card should be counted as mint if protected, i dont havd time to make photos of 6000 cards and then list each cards status from app so i guess i just stop trading. am not so geeky about cards just helping my son

January 2021

just read on psa grading, psa9 also counts mint,and there is cards with whitening - mint cards is untouched, not played etc, so apart from factory bad fut or flaw - there are 8 surface scratches:


So a mint card can still have a minor defect or a minor bit of whitening and this Charizard is a great example the front being flawless. You could see right away that holographic pattern is really very vibrant. Much more vibrant than in the five, six or seven. The centering is almost dead even. Zero whitening on all four corners. This is a borderline gem mint 10. 
When you go to the back you’ll notice the two white parts on the top of the card. There is also a white blemish on the bottom right corner. Even though the front was pristine, the 3 noticeable white spots on the back of this card demoted it to a mint 9. 

PSA 9 Pokémon Cards
There’s really a lot to discuss with a nine. First of all, there’s a reason why PSA made the mint grade 9 instead of 10. Mint means a truly unused and untouched example of an item or card. And that is why this card received a 9 grade. The 10 grades are truly a “gem” example of a mint card.






thats where i disagree that card is only mint if there is 0 whitening or any other issues. and i think this should be looked at as even after card guidlanes, new card conditions on here is way too much to perfection.

January 2021

Gem Mint 10 – To receive this grade a PSA grading expert must deem the trading card to be nothing other than perfect.
Mint 9 – A superb condition trading card with only very minor flaws, perhaps a minor printing imperfection from when the trading card was manufactured, maybe not quite perfect in terms of the centring of the print on the card.
Near Mint 8 – At a glance to an untrained eye, this level of card could look as good as a Mint 9, Mint 10 card, but upon closer inspection this grade of card could have a slight corner fraying, print imperfections and or off white borders.
Near Mint 7 – This card will likely have very slight surface wear in addition to a combination of the ailments mentioned for an 8 grade card.
Excellent to Mint 6 – This level of card will most likely have visible surface wear, some printing defects, slightly worse corner fraying than it’s Near Mint 7 counterpart.
Excellent 5 – This level of card likely has corner wear and rounding, chipping on the edges and perhaps the original gloss will be showing wear. Potentially a few light scratches visible when inspected closely.
Very Good to Excellent 4 - Cards achieving this grade will likely have evident corner wear, perhaps some corner rounding. Noticeable wear to the face and reverse of the card but nothing extreme as well as light scuffs, scratches.
Very Good 3 - Does your card have apparent surface wear, rounded corners with some signs of wear? has a lot of the cards original gloss been lost? if so we are likely looking at this grade.
Good 2 - This level of cards front face and reverse will be showing apparent signs of wear which doesn't need an expert eye to spot. The Good 2 Level of card could be completely absent of it's original gloss and potentially contain small creases and some discoloration.
Poor to Fair 1 - A card will achieve this sort of grade if it has quite extreme edge and corner wear, complete loss of original gloss as well as other obvious signs of wear such as scuffs, scratches, pitting and stains.


January 2021

but you had mint card before, thou.


Sorry I'm going to be more precise :

If I remember corrrectly, the 'Near Mint' state was recently added, and all previous cards marked as "Mint" were downgraded to "Near Mint".


so my fresh mint card pulled from booster straight into sleeve - can be classified as poor



I believe cards pulled out from a booster could be graded from 'Mint' (no imperfections worth noting) to 'Near Mint' at worst.


A poor card is to be interpreted as the following :



I don't believe it matches what you get out of a booster.


think those who expect psa 10 - are in wrong place. unless pokechange is kind of moving over to this perfection,


The site isn't moving to any kind of perfection, the default state when adding offers is "Very good" (Some slight edge wear, maybe some barely noticeable light scratches. Could have a mark or two. Overall a clean, crisp card) : https://en.pokechange.net/products/tcg/core/gui/img/conditions/03_very-good.png


 i guess am about to quit and just stick to buying selling, as dont wanna get into disagreements about this.


I can downgrade your "Mint" cards to "Near Mint" or "Very Good" at worst if you believe it could avoid you any disagreements :

I don't believe it will have any negative impacts over the amount of trades you'll be able to do.


Best regards,

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