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You're probably here wondering about my collection of cards and what I look in them for value and trading and stuff, so let's get down to it!

First off, I am a very friendly person, so don't feel shy in asking me anything! I don't mind trading one on one: meaning you give me ONE card and I give you ONE card. :D

I do tend to get busy at times in life; I do my best to check my messages at least once a day. Sometimes I am too busy and it takes a few days for me to accept a trade request: I can be a paranoid person and I like to double check to make sure I have the cards you want. Please be patient, I do my best to respond to you asap though!

[b]How I Trade[/b]
-My first rule is a common for common, rare holo for rare holo, ultra rare for ultra rare, etc...
-I highly prefer to trade my ultra rares for other ultra rares only.
-I like to trade fairly; for myself and for you. If you want to add something in extra, that's fine, but I usually ask you first before accepting (making you aware of the uneven trade... I don't want anyone to feel like they got ripped off!)
-I'm not fond of foil cards, so if I have any, I give those away first. Let me know if you feel the same way and prefer non-foil cards for anything.

[b]About My Cards[/b]
-I'd say about 95% of my cards are in great condition. If there is something wrong with a card, I try to take a picture and send you the link so you can see for yourself what the condition is like. Sometimes it's hard to tell (it may be a small bend, the lighting is weird so it's hard to see, etc...) I will do my best to point it out for you so you are aware of where it is, and how bad it is.
-I do have some Pokemon cards in Japanese. They are registered as such. If you can send me messages, offer me trades, respond to me, etc. then I expect that you can read. I will not point out if something is in Japanese or not. I expect you to do that for yourself, and if it's something you don't want, it's up to you to decline it (and let me know perhaps). :3
-None of my cards are fake. If I send you one and you suspect it is, let me know first please. Let me know what about it makes it look fake, and if it is or you're not happy with the card, we can always do a trade back. You should always check your cards out when you receive them to make sure you're happy with them (-for all trades you do here on the site). Always try to work things out first rather than reporting to the mods. I've seen friends banned because something was not worked out first and it was reported to a mod.

[b]Other Cards for Trading...[/b]

[u]Pokemon Trading Cards Series 1[/u]
04 Charmander
07 Squirtle (two of these)
09 Blastoise
12 Butterfree
25 Pikachu (shiny)
37 Vulpix
38 Ninetails
40 Wigglytuff
41 Zubat
49 Venomoth (shiny)
52 Meowth (shiny)
53 Persian
54 Psyduck (two; one is shiny)
55 Golduck
57 Primeape
61 Poliwhirl (shiny)
72 Tentacool
74 Geodude
TV5 #120 Staryu (three with one shiny)
TV6 Geodude
TV8 Gary Oak
TV9 Jesse

[u]Pokemon Trading Cards Series II[/u]
77 Ponyta
78 Rapidash
83 Farfetch'd
86 Seel
87 Dewgong
97 Hypno
116 Horsea
117 Seadra
HV4 James
EP7 The Water Flowers of Cerulean City
EP16 Pokemon Shipwreck
EP19 The Ghost of Maiden Peak (two with one shiny)
EP23 Haunter vs. Kadabra (two with one shiny)

[u]Pokemon Trading Cards Series III[/u]
120 Staryu
133 Eevee (shiny)
147 Dratini
148 Dragonair
149 Dragonite
150 Mewtwo
HV6 #25 Pikachu
HV10 Butch
HV12 Professor Oak

[u]Pokemon the First Movie Trading Cards[/u]
E3 Venusaur

[u]Sailor Moon Film Cards[/u]
03 Sailor Mercury
04 Sailor Jupiter
06 Mina & Artemis
07 Serena (have two)
08 Lita
12 Serena
13 Queen Beryl (have two)
16 Serena
17 Tuxedo Mask (have two)
18 Neflite
21 Darien
22 Mina (have two)
24 Raye
25 Sailor Mercury (have two)
26 Sailor Venus (have two)
29 Sailor Mars (have two)
32 Luna (have two)
34 Any & Luna
35 Serena (have three)
36 Mina & Amy
38 Lita
39 Serena & Luna (have two)
42 Sailor Mercury
43 Sailor Jupiter (have two)
44 Sailor Venus

[u]Sailor Moon Dart Flip Series III[/u]
8 Symbol of the Rose
25 Mercury Bound

[u]Sailor Moon Prism Trading Cards[/u]
65 Serena with a Volleyball (really has no unique title)

[b]Cards I'm looking For[/b]

[u]Pokemon Trading Cards Series I[/u]
TV7 Professor Oak
TV10 James

[u]Pokemon Trading Cards Series III[/u]
HV9 Meowth
HV11 Tracey Sketchit
HV15 Marill
HV17 Officer Jenny

[u]Sailor Moon Film Cards[/u]
01, 05, 10, 19, 23, 27, 28, 31, 33, 40, 45+
H-1 through H-7 and H-10

Any other questions? Feel free to ask me! <3
Thanks for looking! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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