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Hi, I love trading and buying Pokemon cards.
PS: I'm still sorting my swaps from prior to sword and shield so bare with me as cards from sun and moon as well as XY sets will be posted at some point in the near future in my offers section.

My preference with trading: I prefer making trades in groups of 5+ cards in order to make it worth while on postage fees. I will trade to other countries, but it may cost extra postage fees so i prefer doing these in much larger quantities of cards and if it costs over a certain amount I may ask you to contribute to the postage cost. Anyone in the UK or Europe will not have to worry about this, but anyone from the US for example, it would cost me more to send.

The cards I offer: A good amount of my offers I usually have multiple of the same cards, but I find it easier to just list 1, so please inquire if you're looking multiple of the same card that I have listed. I always list reverse, holo, V, EX, GX or better variants multiple times if I have multiple, but any regular common, uncommon or rares I will just list 1 or it would take a very long time for me and would make it harder for you to find the cards you would like.

My requests: All the cards I have requested are cards I am missing from my sets that I am collecting. If you prefer selling your cards to me then by all means send me a proposal. But again, I prefer buying larger quantities of cards I need to save you postage.

You can find me on Twitter @quakescopeszz I give all TCGO codes out on there in giveaways. There's usually more when new sets release.
Anyway, happy trading and remember to collect them all ;)
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