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Heyo, welcome to my page!

Cards are generally very good and up with a few good or fair and the occasional poor, so make sure to check card condition!

I ONLY do trades and ship using USPS so if you're outside the states it'll likely take a while to reach you bc international shipping is ridiculous and also kinda expensive so if its international, I prefer it to be a bigger trade unless it's a really valuable card. Cards are shipped in card sleeves, I ship on Fridays and mondays but only do tracking on larger orders or orders with more valuable cards, unless otherwise requested

I trade cards in basically any condition (if you see a card in my requests that asks for it to be mint condition, ignore that I dont care about the condition so long as it's mostly intact and legible), I only want cards in English except for the vending machine card series. If you see something you want in my offers but dont have anything matching in my requests or equating in rarity feel free to haggle or offer up a card that's not in my collection I might still be interested (that being said I will not trade an ultra rare card for any amount of commons, but if you have multiple rare cards and are willing to trade those *collectively* for an ultra rare, well then we're cooking with gas), I'm not trading to complete collections or to collect all variations of cards, I mostly am just in it for cool cards that I like

If I haven't responded to you in about three days, please feel free to send me another message bc adulthood is A Lot at times! I do want to get back to you!
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Great new user. Cards were nicely shipped in sleeves.
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excellent trader, great packaging!
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