Octobre 2017

I just signed up with POKECHANGE and I am looking forward to making new POKEMON CARDS exchange contacts and friends. I think I will need t o have a look around and learn how POKECHANGE works . All the actions and procedures that keep POKECHANGE ticking over.


I welcome contact from anyone who has time to spend talking about POKEMON CARDS. I think it is right for me to tell  you I do not play POKEMON. I am a collector of POKEMON CARDS, especially the FULL ART cards.


I guess thats it for now.  Be seeing YOU.


Octobre 2017

Hi !


Welcome to Pokéchange, do not hesitate to ask any questions if you need help :)

Novembre 2017

Hello, welcom to pokechange :)

Juin 2019

Like surfbay I am new too having moved from tradecardsonline.com. Is there an easy import list functionality to transfer my offers and requests onto this site?

Juin 2019

Unfortunately there currently isn't any import functionality.

Juin 2019

Nice to see fellow traders from tradecardsonline.com on here! I was a veteran on that page for 8 years so definitely sad to see it shut down but glad you guys found your way here!

Juin 2019

Ha yeah! I was looking for a trading site and registered on tradecardsonline.com, before  it was said they are shutting down, and I found this AWESOME  site!

Octobre 2019

Hi . . . hello - I'm looking to BUY - SELL - EXCHANGE Pokemon cards. 


Based in the United Kingdom, would be happy to hear from anyone interested.


I am Pokemon Card Collector . . . Not a Player.


Sorry, but I can only contact with ENGLISH language.



Novembre 2019

Anyone else on this site from the UK?


Just noticed that it now costs money to use the Matching function... tradecardsonline did that and eventually gave up and failed as it becomes a real barrier.  If they need to charge money, they should go down the pay per transaction route or per X cards sold/traded, otherwise ask people to watch advertisements to earn search/matching credits.

Novembre 2019

Im with fair swapper, this new fee thing is a real bummer :/ I'd watch a few ads to be able to match with other users.


Also wish this site would show you what the value of each card is but that would have to be some kind of integration with TCG player database.