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Hiyo! Please browse my offers and feel free to offer whatever trade your soul desires. I don't put lots of cards in my collection, so browsing my offers is best, as I want to make everyone feel comfortable with the trade. Most of my cards that say "Very Good" as the condition, they are mostly mint condition. By the way, why do they call it "Mint" condition? Why not "Perfect"?

I'm offering ALL of my cards without older gens included (I will only accept those when they are like base for base or something.) So yeah, If you want any recent EX/GX cards, feel free to ask! I take more interest in Rainbow Rares and recent Tag Team GX's. As you can see, I only offer my EX/GX cards because the others, well, I don't think you'll find interest in them.

I also am willing to trade code cards for the Pokemon online TGC card game because I can't download it. So contact me if you need any code cards
and list the number needed because I have about 60+ code cards.

SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Creamsiclez, but you have to look up Creamsiclez channel in search for it to come up.

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