June 2019

Hello, I recently traded with Sparky1245,(3 weeks ago), and what happened was that I had sent my cards to him for one of his cards and he later on told me that another user was offering him more cards for that card after I had mailed my cards. It has been about 3 weeks since that message, and he said he would send my cards back to me plus a few extra. So far only those extra cards have come. Please help me sort this out because the two cards I traded him were one full art and one GX card.

June 2019

Oh wait, he just received my cards and is willing to send back

June 2019



Please indicate the URL of the associated proposal.

Thanks in advance.



June 2019

Sorry, but can I cancel this? His cards just arrived. Thanks

June 2019

This litigation is closed as requested.

September 2020

Account suspended after multiple litigations.


Sharing user information :


Colin Smith
90800 wilshire ln
Coos bay
OR 97420

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