December 2019

Was considering selling my entire collection either here or posting it on Ebay. In the process of buying a home now and may decide to get rid of my collection, but wasn't sure what to ask for a fairly huge collection of cards. I have several complete sets. All include all the commons, uncommon, rarest, GX/EX and FAs. Some include all the reverse holos and some of the older sets (pre sun and moon) include all the secret rares. I have several secret and rainbow rates from the sun and moon series as well. 


The collection will include everything I have listed as offers here as well as all the cards listed under my collection. I have 8+ decks that will be included in the sale of my collection.


I was wondering if anyone on this site could give me a rough figure of what I could expect to get for such a collection. I won't consider it an offer unless you state you are interested in buying them. I am just not wanting to rip myself off by putting them on ebay and selling them for way less than I could get for them.


I understand selling in bulk will limit my chances of a quick sell and possible limit the value but I'd rather not list individual cards and sell half and be stuck with random cards I can't get rid of and have to store for years.


Thanks in advance to anyone suggesting a value and/or making an offer.



December 2019

Forgot to mention (though it won't effect the value) that all the cards listed under my collection are protected by being placed in penny sleeves and toploaders. Doesn't matter if they are common, uncommon, rare EX/GX, FA etc I placed each card in a penny sleeve and a toploader. The are sorted numerically by set. Cards are extremely well taken care of. There are 4 card boxes full of cards just from sets (no doubles). My extras are well protected to and will be included in the selling. If you have any questions about the decks that will be included don't be shy about asking I can and will make deck lists.


According to the site log I have 3992 cards in my collection, 206 extras (just rates and random reverse holos). I have other older set cards that aren't in great condition that will be included but not listed on either my collections list or offers.


Any questions feel free to ask here or send me a private message.


Thanks again,


June 2020

How much are you looking to get for it?

November 2020

if you sell them in separate sets you are going to attract more attention and value, the older they are obviously the more you will get

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