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Hello, welcome to my page !

Asside from my offers I have 8+ decks I would be willing to break down to trade the rares out of for cards to complete my sets. I would also be willing to part with the rainbow rares and secret rares in my collection to complete sets if needed. I have boxes of commons and uncommons from Sun and Moon - Unbroken Bonds. It would take days to list them so if you are looking for any of them just let me know and more than likely I will have them for trade. If you are looking for a card that is not listed in my offers ask and I may have it in a deck. My decks are rarely played so those cards would be listed as very good condition and not mint because they have been played a time or two. I take great care of my collection and decks so any cards traded or sold here by me will reflect that.

My rares and holo cards are taken straight from the pack and placed in deck protector sleeves and placed in a sorting boxes if doubles.

Feel free to contact me if you are looking for anything I have.
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1 reviews
3 days after accepting a trade from Pokedon my cards arrived in the mail, packaged very nicely to keep the safe. Very pleased. Will trade again.
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